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RFSSID Article (ETNews)

Date : 2019-07-09 Views : 325

KCTNS Co., Ltd. to commercialize world-first core UHF RFID component solution for Smart City.




KCTNS Co., Ltd. is commercializing UHF RFID (Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency identification) component solution, core technology of smart city construction in the 4th industrial revolution era, as an industry forerunner. With the increase of digital integration/conversion in the domestic and overseas markets, the company is leading the RFID solution field through terminal/gateway manufacture, access control, etc.




RFID Solution company KCTNS (CEO : Deok Ki Seong) announced, for the first time in the world, the commercialization fo 'RFSSID(RF Smart & Secure ID)' on 30th of June 2019. RFSSID is an UHF RFID component solution in compliance to the international security standards.



RFID is radio frequency technology focused on identifying objects including people.


Unlike barcode technology, which must be read at a close distance and one-to-one with the object, UHF RFID wireless transmission enables read/write of data without the need of visibility and distance limitation.


RFID allows multiple objects/identities to be read/written simlutaneously, revolutionizing development in logistics and distribution.


Rapid expansion to various application fields are proven through efficiency and cost-savings.




UHF RFID transmissions with palin-text tags attached to the object are exposed to a variety of hacking attacks such as piracy, product disruption and information hijacking.


An international standard specification including security (EPC Gen2 V2) was added in 2015, but lacks application.


KCTNS has launched RFSSID that complies with UHF RFID international security standards, providing measures to safeguard data from a variety of hacking scenarios.


RFSSID protects RFID tag data with a nique security titled 'ChangeID' with existing common tags and encryption communication for security tags have been strengthened.




KCTNS RFID Gateways are the first in the world to apply block-chain to authenticate devices, providing security features without a central server.


KCTNS is expanding its supply chain to various system integrators from RFID device/gateway manufacturers to smart office access controls.




Integration of RFSSID solution is inquired from many companies both domestically and overseas.




CEO Deok Ki Seong states, "UHF RFID based ID management solutions are rapidly being introduced into smart factories and smart cities that incorporate core technology of the fourth industrial revolution such as Internet-of-Things(IoT), Cloud services and Artificial Intelligence(AI). In the complex mass-data, security is a requirement, not an option. KCTNS will be a leading RFID solution provider on the world stage."